Saturday, May 30, 2009

May 30 2009

Today is May 30 2009 ☉♉(sun in taurus),☽♌(moon ascending in leo),☿♈(mercury in aries),♀♓(venus in pisces), ♂♓(mars in pisces)♃♒(jupiter in aquarius)♄♌(saturn in leo)♅♓(uranus in pisces)♆♒(neptune in aquarius), ♇♐(pluto in sagitarius). These are astronomical aspects and NOT astrological signs. The difference is that the former is what is really happening in the heavens while the later is based on an equal division of the heavens at 3o∘angles and statically based on what the heavens where on the spring equinox of 1st year of Christ's time. Astrology also does not take into account the precession of the equinox. The precession is a movement of the sun through the ecliptical 1∘every 72 years. In the span of approx 2160 years the sun travels from one zodiacal sign to the next and rises in front of it on each spring equinox. These are real movements of the stars that do affect certain organisms including the human being at a certain extent. The lower organisms get affected more than the higher ones. We can help the plant world as well as certain  animals be more sensitive to these rhythms.